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About us

One night chit chatting with a friend, he asked me to build a small tool where he can create fast and simple websites for his startup clients, that don’t wish to pay a lot of money to website design firms.

My first response to him was “Man, there are tons of tools out there”

The idea didn’t leave my head and I found myself coding and coding, checking all online website builder tools, writing down the pros and cons for each. And suddenly I found myself deeply involved into website building business.

Webin5.com was built with many concepts, must be super easy, must not allow the user to mess with the design however give him the flexibility to customize his/her website, must have all the basic functionality needed in any website ready and easy to be integrated.
With all these concepts we came out with webin5.com, the most easy website builder yet rich with features.

Give it a try and you will appreciate the work done so far

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